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Turckheim and its wines

Some historic events 

As early as the 7th century , large wine growing areas existed in Alsacce , among which Turckheim , belonging to the Munster Abbey .

In the 15th and 16th century , first prosperous period : important exchanges between Turckheim and Switzerland .

The 30 years' war , diseases and invasion of insects put a stop to this prosperous period until 1918 .

Thanks to the new culture techniques and introduicing of noble grape varieties , the wineyard areas revived shortly after 1918 

The Brand hill

With the Brand hill Turckheim owns one of the most prestigious vineyards in Alsace. This fame is due to two main reasons :

  • geographic situation : south, south-east orientation, thus a maximum of sunshine and protection against the northern cold winds.
  • nature of the soil : sandy and silty, siliceous, with average acidity and moderate fertility.

Vine-growers and wine producers

François BAUR
3, Grand-rue
Tél. 03 89 27 06 62
Site :
E-mail :

Cave de Turckheim 
16, rue des Tuileries
Tél. 03 89 30 23 60
Site :
E-mail :

Domaine Armand HURST
8, rue de la Chapelle
Tél. 03 89 27 40 22

Alphonse MEYER et fils
Route de Turckheim
et 2 Place de l’Eglise
Tél. 03 89 71 14 34 et 03 89 80 88 50
Site :
E-mail :

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